Sunday, June 08, 2008

Spinach Asparagus Dip

Cookbook * Veganomicon

Recipe * Spinach Asparagus Dip

Yumm or Yuck * Yummm, but...

My farmer's market had incredibly fresh spinach today and so I couldn't resist making this dip. Spinach, asparagus, cashews, capers, lemon juice, and garlic conspire to make a solid summertime dip. Great texture, but taste was a little bland. I might try adding more garlic or maybe a pinch of chile pepper to it next time. Grab a beer and dip away.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Spicy Tempeh Nori Rolls

Cookbook * Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook

Recipe * Spicy Tempeh Nori Rolls

Yumm or Yuck * Yumm

Thanks for your messages...I miss sharing the good, bad, and ugly in vegan cookbooks! Now, just because I haven't been posting doesn't mean that I haven't been cookin'. I have a fantastic new cookbook (thanks Josie!!) - Vegonomicon. Run down on the cookbook:
--very well organziaed with "time to cook" and other labels
--tips that actually help
--recipes with instructions that acutally help (rather than confuse because the authors never tried the recipe using those instructions)
--best chocolate cookie recipe I ever made

On to SUSHI...This was my first sushi recipe and I'm happy to say it turned out great. My rolls weren't as good lookin' as the professionals - but, they tasted good all the same. Tempeh mixed with mayo and sesame pepper oil is amazing! Combine with avacado and scallion - yumm. It is listed in the appetizer section, but I made it for dinner with a cup of instant miso on the side.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sport is looking for a good home!

I'm breaking from tradition and blogging today on a little dog instead of a recipe. We found this cute dog while visiting my Dad and Daneb in Glennville - don't you love his "One ear up, one ear down" look :) He was abandoned by his family when they moved away. So sad for a little puppy just starting out. He was roaming the neighborhood and looking very lonely, not to mention thirsty and hungry. We took him to the vet and got all his shots, de-wormed, de-fleaed, and neutered. So he is all set for his NEW LIFE! We are looking for a good home for him, so let me know if you are interested. No adoption fee, but he insists on a loving family who will give him a good home with lots of love and committment. The vet says he is less than a year old, very healthy, and fully grown - now he is only 17 lbs. but could stand to gain some weight. He would be swooped up in a heartbeat in Seattle, but wants to go to a home in Georgia or close by if possible. Vet named him "Sport" :)


UPDATE 2/18/08...Sport is now SoGa (named for his South Georgia roots) and has found his home in Seattle, WA ... with me and the rest of the gang. Pic below is proof that he was better off in Georgia where it is a lot harder to buy elf costumes for 4-leggeds.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

New Summer Salad!

Cookbook * Real Food Daily
Recipe * Tempeh and Potato SAlad
Yumm or Yuck * Yumm

Can't imagine summer without potato salad! Although I have good recipes for vegan potato salad, none of them feature a vinaigrette dressing or tempeh. An exciting twist! I added roasted beets to this warm potato salad for color and taste. It is reminiscent of an Indonesian salad I once had. We were pleased with the results and will make it again. Only caution is to watch how much vinegar you add. Hope your summer is going well!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Cupcakes, getting a job, mac n' cheese, and staying balanced... and the kitchen sink.

Cookbook * Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World
Recipe * Cappuccino Cupcakes Filled with Espresso Creme
Yumm or Yuck * Yumm

I got a job in January and moved house in February - in the process I have been a bad blogger and even worse cook! I am reminded through this experience that you can only have so much thai take-out, deli food and (oh -gasp) frozen dinners. I really do miss cooking - it is a fun/creative type outlet for me and I enjoy the process of cooking as much as eating. Plus, I think it is far easier to balance your diet when you cook at home.
Below are some photos taken over the last few months that I haven't had a chance to blog on.

First, cupcakes made by a good friend here in Seattle. She isn't vegan, but loves the Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World cookbook - which of course makes any good friend a great friend, especially when they make cupcakes for YOU!! These were sooo delicious!

Cookbook * The Real Food Daily Cookbook
Recipe * Mac n' Cheese
Yumm or Yuck * Yumm

And here is a pic of my new favorite mac n' cheese recipe taken from Real Food Daily. The cheese sauce is amazing - I might add less agar next time so it isn't as thick. Wondering what agar is - here is a pic below. Far better than the Vegan Planet recipe - I think. Good stuff!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Chowder Weather

Cookbook * Vegan Planet
Recipe * New England Chowder
Yumm or Yuck * Yumm

I've made this delicious chowder several times and always ask why I don't make it more often, its so good! Oyster mushrooms give it a real New England Chowder quality. Its been said that "A New England clam chowder, made as it should be, is a dish to preach about, to chant praises and sing hymns and burn incense before. To fight for....". I agree, well sans the clams and add the oyster shrooms. If you've never used oyster mushrooms before, do give it a try. They look and taste like oysters...well, pretty close...and you don't have to worry about all that nasty mercury in your soup. I like to serve this with homemade garlic soup crouton. I think it looks a little like radioactive soup in the picture thanks to poor lighting...yumm!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

A Sloppy Joe Marriage

Cookbook * The Artful Vegan: The Millennium Restaurant
Recipe * Sloppy Jose
Yumm or Yuck * Yumm

Sloppy joe sandwiches are good, but at times a bit messy - just like marriage is, at least for me :) For this reason, we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary with the sloppy joe of all sloppy joes courtesy Millennium's cookbook. With capers and suribachi ground fennel seeds, the sauce has a lot of rich depth. Add chili powder and red pepper flakes and you've got kick! Sauteed with crumbled tempeh and served on focaccia bread, this is truly a "decadent" down home meal. Not what I remember as a kid at all! Served with potato wedges and a simple salad this meal gets a big thumbs up. So, now for the important question...if your marriage/relationship was a meal, what would it be?

Monday, November 27, 2006

Gingerbread Cupcakes with Lemony Buttercream Frosting and Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

Cookbook * Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World
Recipe * Chocolate Buttercream Frosting and
Gingerbread Cupcakes with Lemony Buttercream Frosting
Yumm or Yuck? * Yumm

What to do when Seattle's weather is acting up? Write a duo cupcake review, of course. I added coffee extract to the chocolate buttercream and added an espresso bean on top - its what caffeine dreams are made of! Pipes nicely, tastes good. Now, the lemony buttercream frosting is equally as good and the lemon zest and fresh lemon juice keep it nice and tangy without being too sweet. The gingerbread cupcakes were perfectly spiced, but maybe a bit too sweet. I found the texture to be sticky although this may be my "average oven", not the recipe. The chocolate cupcakes have already been reviewed - they were tasty, too!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Mushroom Phyllo Turnovers

Cookbook * The Angelica Home Kitchen
Recipe * Mushroom Phyllo Turnovers
Yumm/Yuck * Yumm with Help

There was a time when the thought of using phyllo mortified me. Its too temperamental, too vulnerable to drying out or sticking understand. Well, this recipe has cured my phllyo phobia. Instructions are easy to follow and after you do about 12 or so, it kind of becomes fun, in a "get a life" kind of way. The filling is rich with mushrooms, spinach, sage, tofu, garlic, onion, and other good stuff that tastes great and smells like the holidays. While these morsels are flavorful as is, they could be improved dramatically with a little help. Eat your spinach!

Help: Try steaming the spinach separately and then press, squeeze and otherwise ring the hell out of it before adding to the saute. If you follow the cookbook instructions, you will steam the spinach directly with the filling and the water released by the spinach when it cooks will dilute your lovely filling. I know, I should have known better, but I like to give cookbooks the benefit of the doubt as they are usually right.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Enchiladas

Cookbook * Vegan Planet
Recipe * Sweet Potato and Black Bean Enchiladas
Yumm or Yuck: * Yumm

Permutations of the ever inventive sweet potato and black bean combo are found in just about every cookbook I own and for good reason - it tastes really good! That said, this enchilada recipe is a real standout. Its super good comfort food, its pretty easy to make, and its loaded with all those fab sweet potato nutrients. I use Follow Your Heart Mozzarella and Hatch enchilada sauce to round things out. Variety is good too...I've added chard, used tofu instead of beans, and switched out the sweet potato for yam. Wondering what the difference between a yam and sweet potato might be? This has been a raging debate in my family for years, as if there aren't better things to argue about :)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Classic Vegetable Lasagna

Cookbook * The Angelica Home Kitchen
Recipe * Classic Vegetable Lasagna
Yumm or Yuck? * Yumm

I just returned from San Francisco where everyone speaks veg and the food tastes so good I almost want to take up residence...but, I would miss Seattle's weather. So, you want to know about lasagna...its loaded with fresh kale or green of choice, olives, mushrooms, and topped with a tofu ricotta. For those who can plan ahead more than a few days, assemble and freeze this baby for up to a month. Overall the flavor combo can't be beat, but the ricotta seemed too watered down and I would probably try a different ricotta recipe next time. I used my own tomato sauce so can't vouch for the suggested No-Mato Sauce. Beyond flavor, this is an eye-catching dish that holds up well for serving and its very healthy lookin'. If you are ever in NYC, give Angelica a try, its down a tiny one-way in a colorful neighborhood.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Your Basic Chocolate Cupcake with Vegan Fluffy Buttercream Frosting

Cookbook * Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World
Recipe * Your Basic Chocolate Cupcake with Vegan Fluffy Buttercream Frosting
Yumm or Yuck? * Yumm

I need to find some neighbors with a healthy cupcake appetite. Not, mind you, because these cupcakes are bad, but rather because they are so damn good I'm destined to eat the whole batch. This is the universal problem with baking sweets, right? Back to the cupcakes. These are awesome, no words do them justice. Fluffy and tasty with creamy icing that holds up for piping. They put a smile on my face, my husband's face, and my dog's face...well, she didin't get to have any, but its the thought that counts, I mean she was Wonder Woman for a day so she can't complain. Annatto seed extract gives the icing a nice orange Halloween color, even though it doesn't ring true in the photo. "Vegan cupcake world domination?" I think so!

Kudos to the PPK gang for catapulting "vegan cupcake" into the foodie lexicon and for creating a cookbook with a user guide. Cookbook developers note - Every cookbook should have a practical user guide.I can't tell you how much I appreciate the front material on dos and don'ts and even a section to help you trouble shoot problem cupcakes - you know the ones :) On their recommendation, I purchased an oven thermometer for my average cookbook tester oven and even invested in a cheap, shiny, aluminum cupcake pan the better to bake with my dear. The only thing holding me back is patience and restraint..."I will not eat the icing before I ice the cupcakes, I will not eat the cupcakes before they are iced, I will not ice the cupcakes until they are cool....repeat...I will not.."

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Chocolate Biscotti

Cookbook * The Artful Vegan: The Millennium Restaurant
Recipe * Chocolate Biscotti
Yumm or Yuck? * Yumm

Would you think less or more of me if I told you I ate the entire batch of biscotti by myself? These are perhaps the best biscotti I've ever made vegan or not - maybe its the cocoa nibs, maybe its the chocolate chunks or the walnuts, or maybe its the Jack Daniels Whiskey that makes them so addictive. The dough is much gooeyer than normal biscotti dough and requires a great deal of patience to form into a log before baking, but its totally worth it!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Cornmeal-Crusted Tempeh

Cookbook * The Candle Cafe Cookbook
Recipe * Cornmeal-Crusted Tempeh
Yumm or Yuck? * Yumm

A standard on our dinner table, these little nuggets are first marinated in a maple syrup and shoyu sauce then battered and fried. They make a great introduction to tempeh and pot luck friends rave about them. We like to double the marinade - if you do this make sure to keep the cut of the tempeh thick enough so the extra marinade isn't overpowering. Serve as part of an Asian themed meal or with good old American sides, this will hit the spot! Oh, and if you are ever in NYC do stop by Candle Cafe - their seitan skewers should be on my top 5 things to try before you die! Although the recipe is featured in their cookbook, its just not the same.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mango Coconut Bread Pudding

Cookbook * Vegan Planet
Recipe * Mango Coconut Bread Pudding
Yumm or Yuck? * Yumm

Its mango season - finally. Mango season in Hawaii is marked by neighbors sharing Mango chutney (its a secret recipe of course), self-serve mango stands in front yards, and the smell of overripe mangos fallen onto sidewalks. Hawaii mango season was the inspiration to try this recipe and I've made it at least a dozen times since. Its really tasty comfort food and a hit with everyone - regardless of food afilliation. Celebrate your own mango season with this perfectly simple and yummy pudding.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Pecan Pie

Cookbook * Millennium Cookbook: Extraordinary Vegetarian Cuisine
Recipe * Pecan Pie (filling only)
Yumm or Yuck? * Yuck

This was my first attempt at a vegan pecan pie, which made its failure that much more of a bummer. The filling was dry, crumbly, and a bit too salty and not nearly sweet enough. Think a pecan praline of sorts in a pie shell. I used a frozen pie shell, so I can't comment on the cookbook's pie crust recipe. I might try Real Food Daily's recipe next. Or, maybe I'll just tinker around with my Mema's pecan pie recipe - according to Southern tradition, pecan pie isn't pecan pie without Karo syrup anyway.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Bean Salsa In Radicchio Leaves

Cookbook * Incredibly Delicious: The Vegan Paradigm Cookbook
Recipe * Bean Salsa In Radicchio Leaves
Yumm or Yuck? * Yumm

One of the best things about following a plant based diet has been discovering my love for bean salads. I used to only have them as a side dish at a picnic or potluck a few times a year, but now I'd happily have one every week - and there are so many different bean salads one could probably make a different one each week! I like this one because it adds a tomato sauce and vinegar twist and it uses pintos where most bean salads rely on black beans. This one is called a salsa, but I eat it like a salad. It would be great served as an appetizer with radicchio leaves, but the market didn't have any on hand, so I tried cabbage leaves. Although it looks nice in the pic, the cabbage leaves really don't work well - I'll be sure to use radicchio next time.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Athena Barley with Kalamata Olives and Tomatoes

Cookbook * The Real Food Daily Cookbook
Recipe * Athena Barley with Kalamata Olives and Tomatoes
Yumm or Yuck? * Yumm

Barley ain't just for beer making. This is one of those "healthy tasting" dishes that actually tastes good. I feel healthier just having a few bites! Its a produce delight - fresh tomatoes, scallions, dill, onion, parsley, lemon juice. And the barley is great source of fiber. Bonus points for barley - its a grain with a long and interesting history!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Long Life Soup

Cookbook * The Candle Cafe Cookbook
Recipe * Long Life Soup
Yumm or Yuck? * Yumm

Thanks to a wonderful week huffing it in the BEAUTIFUL Olympic Mountains, I have a bit of a cold and there is nothing better than this soup to cure what ails you! Its got shiitake, garlic, ginger, and as much or little cayenne as you need. I love this soup not only because it makes me feel better, but because its quick to make and versatile enough that I usually can make it without having to go out to the market for anything. In the first pic, I substituted hijiki for arame and added carrots and purple potatoes. And in the second pic, I added soba, bok choy, carrots, and tofu. Enjoy it with a slice of "buttered" bread. A star replacement for the outdated chicken noodle soup of my childhood!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Hijiki to Aburage

Cookbook * Shojin Cooking
Recipe * Hijiki to Aburage
Yumm or Yuck? * Yumm

This is another wonderful shojin (Buddhist Vegetarian) recipe from Japan. I really needed something healthy after demolishing the key lime cheesecake! You can find aburage in Asian specialty stores or online. Hijiki triples when cooked, so I cut this recipe in half. To improve flavor, saute the Hijiki in sesame oil before adding the broth.This is a very common dish in Japanese cooking and you could probably find a great recipe somewhere on the web!

A note on Hijiki: If I was to have a fav seaweed, Hijiki would be a strong contender. I first fell in love with it while living in Hawaii. We were regulars at hole-in-the-wall macrobiotic cafe called Well Bento in Honolulu. The original owner has sense moved back to NYC, but the amazing hijiki side remains and yes, your bento comes with macaroni - it is Hawaii after all! I've used hijiki in all sorts of ways - even in a potato salad. Be brave and try it, you might just love it.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Key Lime Cheesecake

Cookbook * Vegan Planet
Recipe * Key Lime Cheesecake
Yumm or Yuck? * Yumm

This is as good if not better than restaurant cheesecake. It is a SUGAR RUSH - so beware. I would make this just for the ginger snap crust alone, but the lime filling tastes amazing. You can use regular limes, even though they don't live up to the recipe's namesake. Eat it by the slice or "just" the spoonful - it only lasts 24 hours in our house!

PLUS top 5 things everyone should try before they die CHALLENGE
We took madeinalaska's challenge to identify 5 foods everyone should try before they die. These are 5 we really love!

1. My Mom's Veganized Cornbread Dressing

2. Mighty O Donouts

3. Super Tings

4. My Homemade Spaghetti Sauce

5. Vegan Planet's Udon Shiitake Recipe

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tortilla Soup

Cookbook * The Real Food Daily Cookbook
Recipe * Tortilla Soup
Yumm or Yuck? * Yumm

We love this spicy soup. Chopped toritalls make this fresh tomato base soup so creamy. If you've been looking for an opportunity to use your hand-held immersion blender (no, I don't have one either), this recipe is up your alley. Otherwise, just blend in batches. Crispy tortilla strips garnish and add a crunchy texture. So good on a fall night - I can't believe its fall - its not right?

Monday, September 04, 2006

Spicy Ginger Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich

Cookbook * The Artful Vegan: The Millennium Restaurant
Recipe * Spicy Ginger Cookies
Yumm or Yuck? * Yumm

We usually make these cookies during the holidays, but paired with peach ice cream (Celestial Seasonings), they make a wonderful summertime treat. And what better way to bid farewell to summer than an ice cream sandwich? Follow the directions exactly and these will turn out perfect everytime. Bonus points for making the whole house smell like Christmas time.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Mac and "Cheese"

Cookbook * Vegan Planet
Recipe * Mac and "Cheese"
Yumm or Yuck? * Yumm

One warning - be sure you use regular soymilk, not vanilla flavored. If you follow this simple advice, you will reep bountiful Mac n'Cheese rewards. If not, this dish ends up tasting like a desert pudding. I made the mistake once and never again. Oh, and watch the broil time - the suggested 10 minutes would have made a blacktop out of this great comfort food dish!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Breakfast Tofu Scramble

Cookbook * Vegan Vittles
Recipe * Breakfast Tofu Scramble
Yumm or Yuck? * Yumm

I'm not a big fan of tofu scrambles, but this one has changed my mind! I like it better than scrambled eggs. Although I don't know that it tastes like scrambled eggs, it does taste divine. We added jalapeno and mushrooms to the mix. The recipe feeds only 1 really hungry camper - so adjust according to your appetite. We doubled the recipe for the two of us and had just a little bit left over - we were hungry though! I'll have to devise a plan to get my husband to make this every Sunday morning for me.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Spiced Banana Pancakes

Cookbook * Vegan Planet
Recipe * Spiced Banana Pancakes
Yumm or Yuck? * Yumm

I wish they were a little bit spicier to support their namesake, but they are delicious all the same. Drenched in maple syrup and topped with carmelized banana and kiwi, these brought back childhood memories of pancake goodness!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Baking Powder Biscuits

Cookbook * Cookin' Southern: Vegetarian Style
Recipe * Baking Powder Biscuits
Yumm or Yuck? * Yuck

It had to happen sooner or later - a yuck review. This designation is reserved only for those hopeless recipes you wouldn't wish on anyone. Hopefully this will save you the trouble of making the bad recipes just as the yumm reviews guide you toward the winners. These are not fluffy biscuits, but hard hockey pucks. My dog practically choked on a bite. They could be marginally improved if I rolled the dough out thicker. If you douse them with Earth Balance "butter" and jelly they are edible, but otherwise a very poor representation of our cherished biscuit!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Cookbook * Vegan Vittles
Recipe * Gyros
Yumm or Yuck? * Yumm

These are nearly identical to gyros served up at Macy's in Flagstaff, AZ. If you are ever in Flagstaff, you won't want to miss this little jewel of a veg cafe. I haven't found a soy latte to match Macy's yet - even in Seattle. Back to the gyros. My kitchen smells like I live in a Greek restaurant after cooking this seitan spin on a traditional lamb specialty. Paired with tasty cucumber dressing, this quick meal hits the spot!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Fried "Chicken" Tofu and Gravy

Cookbook * Cookin' Southern: Vegetarian Style
Recipe * Fried "Chicken" Tofu and Gravy
Yumm or Yuck? * Yumm and So So

Everyone needs a staple mock chicken recipe. I wasn't thrilled with this recipe the day I made it, but during the night it miraculously transformed into what is easily the best "cold chicken fried tofu" I've ever had. I remember eating cold chicken sandwiches using leftover fried chicken as a kid. This tastes almost exactly the same! Take your next-day leftovers and make a sandwich with veganaise, tomato, and lettuce. Make sure you really dredge the tofu with nutritional yeast and cook on a medium high heat or lower to avoid burning.

The gravy is another story. The taste is okay, but too many lumps foiled my plans for a perfect Southern dinner.

Udon-Shiitake Stir-Fry with Sake and Ginger

Cookbook * Vegan Planet
Recipe * Udon-Shiitake Stir-Fry with Sake and Ginger
Yumm or Yuck? * Yumm

The title says it all. This is a old standby saved for those times when I can find really fresh shiitake in the market. Of course, if I took the time to figure out how to use my "grow your own shiitakes" tree, I would eat this everyday. You can make this as a stir fry, but its MUCH more flavorful if you double the udon "sauce." And the sauce is awesome! I always add diced tofu to round out what is already a nutritious meal. Pass the sake - preferably not the cheap stuff I have in the pic.

Prissy's Easy Peach Cobbler

Cookbook * Cookin' Southern: Vegetarian Style
Recipe * Prissy's Easy Peach Cobbler
Yumm or Yuck? * Yumm
I'm often wary of recipes that are exceedingly easy or exceedingly complicated - they just never seem to turn out. This recipe is an exception. It is very easy and tastes just like what you would expect a peach cobbler to taste like. It sets up nicely after cooling to make for easy slicing/serving. Nothing extraordinary here, but if you are lookin' for a good old-fashioned cobbler - this is it.
Thanks to my husband's midnight freezer raid, the only thing missing is the soy vanilla ice cream.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Breaded Eggplant Cutlets

Cookbook * Incredibly Delicious: The Vegan Paradigm Cookbook
Recipe * Breaded Eggplant Cutlets
Yumm or Yuck? * Yumm

These have been in our meal rotation since we first adopted a veg diet, 5 years ago, and over time we have tweaked it here and there for our tastes. While the original recipe is good, we don't usually use the tahini for "wet batter", but just dip the eggplant slices into a bowl of soymilk, then into the "dry batter”. Its easier and doesn't seem to make a difference in taste. Also, we don't cook the eggplants first. Instead, we slice the eggplant thin, batter, and fry. Again, its easier this way and doesn't make a difference in taste. We double batter because, well, because I'm originally from the South where frying has been elevated to a science - trust me its worth it to double batter. This batter recipe is great for any veg and tofu.

We top with Nayonase, fresh heirloom tomato, and lettuce. Use fresh eggplant for the best results!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Satori Summer Rolls with Primal Peanut Sauce

Cookbook * Vegan World Fusion Cuisine
Recipe * Satori Summer Rolls with Primal Peanut Sauce
Yumm or Yuck? * Yumm and Yumm

If you can get over the frustration of working with rice paper (akin to making crepes), you will love these rolls. They have a nice coconut rice mixture that gives them some substance. Filling suggestions are offered, but you can use any veg mix. Don't forget the mint! I added thin strips of tofu for protein punch.

The sauce is simple and so amazing. Just like what we get when we go to our favorite Thai restaurant, Araya's, here in Seattle. I add a little extra curry paste to satisfy my burned out taste buds. A perfect summer dish from our friends in Kauai. Aloha.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Lentil Pecan Pate

Cookbook * Cafe Flora Cookbook
Recipe * Lentil Pecan Pate
Yumm or Yuck? * Yumm

A Seattle favorite. This pate looks and tastes like the real thing and perhaps even better. We get it as part of an appetizer platter loaded with olives and onion confit everytime we have dinner at Cafe Flora. Add the miso to fit your salt taste buds - the recipe calls for a bit too much for me. If you've been looking for a veg dip for parties (or just to hoard all to yourself) look no further.